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/B-Day Dress
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Who is Frank?
Frank is the alter ego of the brand.
He's the one who pushes us forward and dare us to move and take chances. Frank is the balance to the brand, the thing which keeps the equilibration that makes sure that this perfect, sugary, girly universe gets challenged. The B in Frank B is up for interpretation; babes, balance, boldness - it's the feeling you get when you move with Frank B!
The universe is defined by soft pastels, dreamy and shiny materials with a layer of whipped cream on top. In the 2021 collection you will meet seducing color combinations and a much greater focus on sustainability and zero waste playing against an fresh copenhagen vibe. Every item is ready to wear no matter if you are going out for coffee with the girls or GT's on floor.

Everything you dream of. As simpel as that.

Phone: +45 4118 8870

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